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Monday, November 13, 2017

LATEST: Trudeau’s visit at Jollibee goes viral!

Trudeau gives high-five

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is the Filipinos’ favorite foreign-dignitary visitor.

The head of state is so loved by the Filipinos. In fact, anything that he’s in goes viral.

Right after his arrival in Manila yesterday to attend the Asean Summit, the amiable and endearingly goodlooking head of state made a quick stop-over at Jollibee in North Harbor, Tondo, Manila.

He ordered his Chickenjoy with rice and Strawberry Tea Float, mingled with the crew and customers, going from table to table—and sharing the fries of some guests as he table-hopped.

Trudeau spent time with the customers
Trudeau shares fries with the customers

In truth, it was Trudeau himself who “personally requested” the visit, according to Francis Flores, Jollibee Global Brand Chief Marketing Officer. “We were just advised a few days ago. He really loves Jollibee and knows how much Filipinos love it. He also went to our first Jollibee store in Canada last February, and he knows we are opening more stores in Canada.”

Trudeau with Francis Flores, Jollibee Global Brand CMO

Flores described Trudeau’s memorable visit at Jollibee’s Tondo: “He’s such a charismatic and sincere person. You will not feel intimidated by his presence. He went around the store, table-hopping to talk and sit down with the guests. He loved the fries and shared some with the guests.

“In a brief chat with Jollibee executives, he said he visited our first store in Canada in Winnipeg last February,” Flores said.

Trudeau said, “I heard you’re expanding in Canada.”

Trudeau wasn’t able to finish his meal so he left the store with a take-out. He was photographed with the take-out as he headed to his car, waving at the crowd.

Trudeau photographed with his take-out as he lives the store

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