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Sunday, November 5, 2017

LOOK: Smiling Horse goes viral on a wedding photoshoot!

Image taken by Tony Bendele Photography

Brides are supposed to be the stars in weddings, and the consequent photo shoots. Someone must have forgotten to tell this horse, as it broke out its biggest smile and stole the show.

Pennsylvania bride Patty Womer was posing for photos on her wedding day when an unlikely guest stole the spotlight.

Tony Bendele captured the image during the wedding of Patti Womer, the owner of horses Dutch and Cricket. Womer wanted the two horses to play a part on her big day. It looked like Cricket was completely down with the idea and flashed its biggest smile to match that of its owner.

Bendele shared the shot on his Facebook page and it has garnered positive feedback.

Facebook image: @tonybendelephotography

“I honestly don’t mind having attention on her instead of me. Dutch and Cricket are such a big part of me, and I will always have a special place in my heart for them,” Womer tells 

“This just showed that my father was there with me through the whole thing,” Womer, an agriculture science major at Penn State University, said to Yahoo.

Bendele, who has photographed wildlife before, told Yahoo that he’s “never seen a horse doing the smile like that.”
“It actually caught my eye initially when we first started doing the photographs. As the bride was smiling the horse would look up and put its teeth just like that,” he said.

Womer concedes that Cricket isn’t exactly smiling for the cameras.

“Honestly, the horse is just shaking her head trying to get a fly off or something but with her showing her teeth, it looks like she is smiling,” she said.

According to Yahoo Lifestyle, The two horses were a present from her father when she was 8 years old. Her close bond to the two animals and their connection to her father who passed away in 2016 prompted her to include them in her wedding. The two escorted Womer up to the ceremony. Dutch, her father’s horse, walked beside Cricket with an empty saddle.

Facebook image: @tonybendelephotography

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