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Thursday, December 21, 2017

PARI, sinabuyan ng HOLY WATER ang mga tao gamit ang TIMBA at TABO!

A Catholic priest is now viral online for his unconventional way of blessing people. On the viral video, the priest threw a pail of holy water using a dipper to the members. Usually, priest just sprinkle water using aspergillum. As expected, the video went viral on social media in just a couple of hours and gained mixed reactions from the netizens most especially the non-Catholics.

The said video was uploaded by  Sin Censura Noticias, a Spanish Facebook page last Dec. 12 and has now more than 6 million views and more than 90, 000 shares. 

The priest in the video remains to be unidentified but a spanish commenter called him Father Ramon and there is no information when and where the mass was held

In the video, even the parishioners were enjoying what the priest is doing. However, many netizens criticized him for his way of blessing people. Some Catholics got disappointed and said that it is not the proper way of blessing people with holy water while some said that the priest was rude and that the water could have gotten from the bathroom.

Many non-Catholics also reacted from the video and said that the holy water turned useless. According to them,it would be better if the priest just taught them good values, how to become good citizens and to repent from their sins.

Watch the video HERE!

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