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Thursday, May 3, 2018

Pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy Celebrates International Children's Day 2018 on His Birthday

Pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy, the founder of The Kingdom of Jesus Christ celebrated International Children's Day (ICD) on His 68th birthday. Pastor Quiboloy in his utmost love to the children gives back the glory to the Almighty-Father, he sends off less fortunate and destitute children across the Land of Promise to the New Jerusalem to grace the joy by giving them free foods and amusements to paint smiles and laughters in hearts and faces to  redeem their souls once in long been bruised by the pain and challenges.

"ALL WE NEED IS LOVE" in this year's theme of ICD, on its 13th celebration of LOVE commences with the parade. Painting the land of colors, smiles, vivid and genuine artworks and making the entire world famous in its landmarks, Disney, Marvel, famous cartoon characters Frozen, Mermaid, Starwars and many others lives in one world in the Land of New Jerusalem. 

The famous birth of the Appointed Son of God, April 25 sets a hallmark in Davao City since it begun. Each year is a history to beat, this year in 2018 a record breaking of more than 50,000 souls gathered together to witness in the majestic place  filled with children and people across ages and culture, diversity in spectators whether invited guests or walk-in visitors joins the LOVE filled with eat all you can foods and ride all you can rides. 

April 26, 2018 an extended ICD celebration held in Tamayong, catering more than 35,000 of Indigenous people joined to enjoy, to feast and create an atmosphere of Love and smiles.

One of the "looking forward" and anticipated highlights were the Marching Band Competition joined by 10 different schools in and outside Davao City, Philippines. By grace,  all of the competing schools were awarded with initial P10,000 before the competition plus winners will received cash prizes.

The general parade of beauties of fairy-tales, metals, cartoons and superheroes whether in land, water and terrestrial is one by one making its marks on ready-set-go and bum all people had its picture perfect of their favorites. The clamped of spectators gets denser and denser as they want to meet and greet with their "stars". 

The celebration ended with the full blast offered a final dance originated in Indian culture. Bright hues, snappy movements, inviting smiles, races in different colors honors to the inheritor of the land.

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