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Tuesday, May 29, 2018


Vice President Leni Robredo on Thursday, May 24, released a video on Facebook in which she answers one by one the fake news items that have been posted about her.

Robredo said she no longer shrugs off fake news about her because some people tend to believe it in the absence of a response from her.
Here are the first six fake news items that Robredo shot down in the video:
1. She masterminded Jesse’s death

Robredo said the allegation she was behind husband Jesse’s death in 2012 was one of the saddest claims written about her.
“Unang una, bakit ko naman ipapapatay ‘yung taong pinakamamahal ko?” she asked.
The Vice President said she couldn’t fathom why anyone would think she engineered the crash of Jesse’s plane in Masbate when she and her children went through a difficult time coping with his death.
“Bakit ko papahirapan ‘yung sarili ko? Bakit ko ‘yun gagawin sa mga anak ko?” she asked.
2. She married a leftist in her teens

Robredo confirmed that she got married twice, but it was only to Jesse. She said they had both a civil wedding and a church wedding.
As for her supposed wedding photo with a suspected leftist, Robredo said it was of another couple. She said the couple’s child called out the person who shared the picture on Facebook to say the persons were her parents.
“Nakakahiya na nadamay pa sila para tirahin ako,” Robredo said.
3. She has or had several boyfriends after Jesse died

Robredo said she already denied rumors of having a romantic relationship in an interview with Karen Davila. While she said she couldn’t answer allegations each time they come up, she reiterated that she never had a boyfriend after Jesse died.
“Mula noong namatay ang asawa ko, hindi ako nagka-boyfriend, wala akong boyfriend at wala akong kabalak-balak mag-boyfriend,” she said.
4. She and Quezon City Rep. Jorge “Bolet” Banal are in a relationship

A variation of the “boyfriend” rumor, Robredo denied she was or is in a relationship with Banal. She said she and the lawmaker had several photos together in the past because Banal was assigned to her by the Liberal Party as her “political close-in.”
Robredo explained that when LP was courting her to run for vice president, she was hesitant because she did not know a lot of politikos, and thus had no idea how to deal with them. The party, she said, solved her worries by assigning three “close-ins,” one of whom was Banal.
“I am reiterating that since my husband died, I’ve never had any boyfriend, I don’t have any boyfriend, and I don’t have any plans to have one.” 
“Mabuti naman kasi dati ko na siyang kasama, matalik siyang kaibigan ng asawa ko, magkasama sila at magkasama kami sa Kaya Natin!, at siya ‘yung close-in. Pero hindi lang naman siya ‘yung close-in ko noon,” the Vice President said of Banal.
Robredo said the other two close-ins she was with during the campaign were women.
As LP’s chairperson, Robredo said she continues to work closely with Banal because he had been appointed as the party’s permanent liaison with the Office of the Vice President.
5. Romantic relationship with one “Nonoy Ladines”
She also rejected insinuations that she was living an opulent lifestyle, saying that her former and current colleagues in Congress and in Naga City know that she is very stingy.
Robredo admitted that she and Nonoy Ladines always pose sweetly in photos. She said Ladines is the staffer of one councilor in Naga City, who acts as her “political close-in” whenever she goes home.
So is she and Ladines involved romantically?

“Mas malambot ‘yun sa akin. Mas babae,” Robredo said.
6. Romantic relationship with a “clingy stranger”
Robredo said the guy she was pictured with showing his hands wrapped around her waist was a makeup artist sent to style her during a fiesta she attended in Aklan.
The Vice President said the guy is gay.
“Mas malambot rin siya sa akin, kaya siguro pumayag akong magpa-picture ng ganoon,” she said.


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