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Saturday, June 30, 2018

Duterte assumed full liability for the six killed policemen in Samar!

The groups of the six policemen executed by troopers in what was allegedly a misencounter have communicated dissatisfaction at being told by President Duterte that the occurrence was "not purposeful and nobody ought to be faulted," even as he assumed full liability for the incident.

Duterte, who landed in Tacloban City from Cebu City on Friday, went to the wake of the killed policemen at the Matapat Hall of Police Regional Office-8 home office in Palo, Leyte and met the bereaved families.

He at that point continued to the hospital where the nine injured policemen were kept.

The President presented medals on the dead and the injured policemen, and requested the arrival of P225, 000 to every one of the groups of the casualties.

Yet, after a concise talk with the President, the groups of the fallen policemen turned out down and out after he disclosed to them that he was exclusively to fault for the catastrophe as president.

The six policemen were PO1s Julie Escalo, Phil J Rey Mendigo, Rowel Reyes, Julius Suarez, Wyndell Noromor and Edwin Ebrado.

‘However, this is the best opportunity for us to ask President Duterte to help us complete the investigation in the soonest possible time to give us justice. We still feel na hindi niya kami papabayaan,’ one of the bereaved families said.

Prior, the Philippine National Police (PNP) discharged P100, 000 in money related help to every group of the casualties.

Rachel said tolerating the cash does not mean they are now "fine and OK" since what they request is "authentic justice for this shocking occurrence."

Subsequent to assuming full liability for Monday's disaster, President Duterte by and by stretched out his conciliatory sentiments to policemen injured in the conflict.

The President focused on that nobody is to blame for the misencounter and that on the off chance that they can't resist blaming somebody, they should put the blame on him.

Duterte had actually stretched out sympathies to the groups of the six policemen executed in the conflict. He additionally guaranteed their families financial assistance and free education to their childrens. 

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