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Thursday, August 9, 2018

Senate President Tito Sotto WANTS TO SUMMON AUDIT LOGS of COMELEC SERVERS in 2016!

Senate President Vicente Sotto on Monday said that he would issue a request to summon the logs of the Commission on Elections servers to know whether there were interruptions made regarding the lead of the 2016 elections.

“We will issue a subpoena duces tecum by the Senate. Mr. Chairman, I suggest that you write my office and request for subpoena duces tecum,” Sotto told Senator Aquilino Pimentel III during the hearing of the Joint Congressional Oversight Committee on the Automated Election System.

Sotto made the comment after Hubert Guevarra of the Philippine Computer Society raised before the joint advisory group the issue of Smartmatic embeddings another content or summon to change "?" to "ñ" in its straightforwardness server in Manila the evening of decision day.

“You have an “ñ” seen in the transparency server and not seen in election management system (EMS). The EMS is the brain of all the servers yet you have transparency server that is not even part of EMS? Kung nakapag-access ka remotely ng transparency server, what more makapag-access ka ng EMS? Guevarra asked.

He said nobody would realize what truly occurred until the point when a review of the log of the considerable number of servers was finished.

“We have been asking since day kung pwede pa ba namin makuha lahat ng audit logs?" Guevarra said.

"How many intrusions were made in the server? We have to look at the logs to find out if there were intrusions made in the Comelec server,” he added.
Sotto, through Pimentel who co-led the joint board, inquired as to whether the review log could be made available to invested individuals to see the movement of the Comelec server. 

Comelec official chief Jose Tolentino said he needed to check on the off chance that it was a piece of the assurance request of the Presidential Electoral Tribunal hearing the decision dissent of previous Senator Ferdinand Marcos Jr against Vice President Leni Robredo.

“I-check ko, sir, because that might be covered ng protection order of the PET. The protection order covers VCM (vote counting machines) which does not contain data, SD card, any logs. We just have to secure authority and if they give us…” Tolentino said. 

Comelec representative James Jimenez said it would need to get approval from PET before it could give the Senate the review logs.

“May issue tayo kasi I’m not so sure if this is covered by the protective order, because if it is, then yes, definitely, maghihintay tayo ng sagot, ng authorization from the PET,” he told reporters after the hearing.
Authorities of the survey body has over and over said that the change from "?" to "ñ" did not influence the outcomes appeared by the server as it was only a corrective change. 

The Marcos camp asserted the change modified the hash code of the Comelec's bundle information.

Source: GMA

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