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Thursday, September 20, 2018


One may experience incidental lapses of forgetting. Nonetheless, there are some tested ways of sharpening your brain power such that you will be able to effectively manage all data fed into it.

1. Rest Your Body and Mind
We presently live in quite a swift-paced frenzied society. In addition, we are repeatedly prone to incessantly tasking our own lives. This serves to lay needless stress on one's brain, and the brain of an individual's memory would be affected negatively. Adequate rest would allow your whole mind & body to effectively reinvigorate.

2. Adequate Exercise
Studies have proven that someone who's lazy or sluggish doesn't aid the brain to stimulate certain hormones related to memory retention. In addition, exercising aids in the quality circulation of blood to the brain thereby increasing the supply of oxygen to this area. The brain which is nourished with enough oxygen shall have more clarity than another one starved of this compound.

3. Eat Healthy and Nutritious Diet

Eating adequate meals would complement your brain's ability to sufficiently preserve certain knowledge and also recall it when necessary. Fish carries omega 3 fatty acids which are known to supply the brain.

4. Practice Reality Orientation Operations
First thing in the morning after waking up try to recall your prospective days. Significant events or Appointments should always be remembered.

5. Refrain from using Additives like Nicotines, Caffeine or Alcohol
All of these substances are stimulants they tend to constrict all blood arteries. In the long run, this would hinder with proper oxygenation in the body system, especially in your brain. If blood vessels at your brain have been tightened this can reduce memory functions. 

6. Sufficiently Feed the Brain with New Knowledge
Try reading books, magazine articles or view instructive programs which will sufficiently feed your brain with new data. This can be compared to giving your brain occasional tune-ups, which is also similar to what you do with the car's engine.

7. Make Good Use of Recurring Memorization Procedures
This method can help children improve their memory. Though, it also works for much older individuals. 

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