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Tuesday, February 19, 2019


Staying away from sugar isn't easy! If you have a serious sweet tooth you would totally understand the struggle.

Have you tried giving it a try to reduce your sugar intake? Looked for some motivation to limit the sugar in your diet? Spare it a time to go over some of the biggest ways sugar prevent you from getting your best sleep.


Caffeine is commonly contained in your favorite sugary treats, which causes you to not fall asleep easily, especially if consumed during the night.

There is evidence that consuming more sugar is linked to more restless, disrupted sleep. A 2016 study included healthy volunteers who were placed into one of two groups. One group was fed a controlled diet that limited added sugars and fats, and emphasized fiber. The second group was allowed to eat whatever they wanted, in whatever amounts. 

Researchers found that the second group consumed significantly more sugar and fat—and their diet had an impact on the quality of their nightly rest. The volunteers who consumed diets with more sugar spent less time in deep, slow-wave sleep. This sleep stage is essential for the body’s physical restoration and healing, as well as for maintaining a healthy metabolism and immune function. The volunteers who ate more sugar also took longer to fall asleep. And they experienced more restless sleep, with more frequent awakenings throughout the night.


Eating sugary foods—and the additional body fat that typically comes from a high-sugar diet—reduces the effectiveness of hunger-suppressing and metabolism-regulating hormones, including leptin and insulin.

In response to sugar, the brain releases dopamine a hormone that delivers powerful feelings of pleasure and satisfaction. The more sugar we eat, the less sensitive our brains become to that dopamine rush. We need to produce more dopamine in order to experience the same feelings of pleasure and satisfaction. And that translates into a need to eat more sugar. (If this all sounds a lot like a drug addiction, you’re right. 

What does this have to do with sleep? Cravings, and an appetite distorted by over-consumption of sugar lead to late-night eating that will disrupt your sleep. 

And that poor sleep, in turn, makes our sugar cravings even worse: a wealth of studies show that poor quality and insufficient sleep interfere with the normal production and function of appetite-regulating hormones including leptin and ghrelinPoor sleep also interferes with insulin, the hormone that is a key regulator of blood sugar. A regular sugar habit can set in motion a cycle of disrupted sleep and overstimulated appetite that is tough to break, and over time leads to weight gain, as well as prediabetes and diabetes.


Both sleep and inflammation are regulated by our circadian biorhythms. When one goes awry, the other is likely to suffer, also. Sleeping poorly, including getting too little or too much sleep—increases the chronic, low-grade inflammation that is a significant contributor to disease.

Systemic inflammation, in turn, can also undermine healthy sleep. How? By triggering physical and psychological changes that make it harder to get a good night’s rest. Inflammation comes with the presence of cytokines, chemical messengers that have been shown to regulate sleepElevated cytokines have been linked to trouble sleeping and to insomnia. Inflammation can create pain and stiffness in the body that makes it difficult to fall asleep and sleep soundly. (Physical pain is a common factor in insomnia and other sleep problems.) Inflammation involves higher levels of cortisol, a hormone that stimulates alertness and can contribute to feelings of psychological stress. Stress is among the most significant common obstacles to healthy sleep.


Our gut microbiome is the vast community of microscopic organisms living our intestines. Our gut microbiome has a nervous system, produces neurotransmitters and hormones (including the sleep hormone melatonin). Like sleep, our microbiome is regulated by circadian rhythms. We’re still just beginning to understand how gut microbiota affects our health and contributes to aging and disease. But this densely populated microbiotic community appears to have a significant influence over our metabolism, immune health, cardiovascular and circulatory function, as well as mood. We have yet to see definitive research, but there are indications that the gut microbiome also may play an important role in sleep.

A low-sugar, high-fiber diet that focuses on whole, unprocessed foods will help keep your gut healthy. It will also help you sleep better. A great night of restful sleep is another reward for saying no thanks to most of the sugar temptations that come our way!

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